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9th European Assembly of Lay Dominican Fraternities

 21 – 26 May Bologna 2014

                   TORCHBEARERS: crossing borders

On this page we will inform you about all details of the Assembly of the European Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities which will take place from 21 May to 26 May 2014.
If you have any questions, please contact us. (see tab Contacts).

Impressions of the days with photo’s, presentations, celebrations and meditations:

21-05-2014:  Arrival of the delegates in Bologna
22-05-2014: “We are progressing”
23-05-2014: Proximity: Lay Dominicans and the Youth Movement
24-05-2014: Feast of Translation brightened the Assembly
25-05-2014: The Master visiting the Assembly





of the 9th European Assembly
of Lay Dominican Fraternities 
Bologna 2014

Please read first the article with the explanation and then fill out the forms. All participants must fill out the Registration Form. The authorisation letters are divided in ‘delegates’ and ‘observers’. You are free to use the Word-version or the PDF-version.

– Article: Registration for the 9th European Assembly in Bologna.
– Registr form_Final (Word) or Registr.form_Final (pdf)
Authorisation Letter_Delegate (Word) or Authorisation Letter_Delegate (pdf)
Authorisation Letter_Observer (Word) or Authorisation Letter_Observer (pdf)
Observers Letter EN_FR
Please register before 10th April 2014 !

Preparations: get acquainted !

How to discover all the European Lay Dominican Fraternities, their locations, their plans for celabrating the year 2014 – which is dedicated to Lay Dominicans – and their delegates and promotors?  Therefor there will be made a Wall Poster which will be available for all of you, during the Assembly.
To achieve this all the Lay Dominican Fraternities in Europe are asked to complete the Template Info document below with information and send it as soon as possible to

More preparations: discuss the proposal for changing the Statutes before the Assembly begins !!

Read more about it in the article “Proposal for changing the Statutes

All you need for the Assembly

No Assembly without documents. We will put them all together for you:
Proposal for changing the Statutes
ECLDF Formation Report.
– For the singers and the musicans: the music partitions for the liturgies
Here is the Travel Information and an general impression of the location:

impression _bologna